Funeral Services Continuing Education Requirement

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Board of Funeral Services: Requirements and Continuing Education

Licensure is required as follows:

  • All applications for licensure shall be on forms supplied by the board.
  • The board, in its sole discretion, may require an applicant for licensure to present whatever evidence or affidavits as it deems necessary to establish that the applicant is qualified for licensure.
  • The board may require applicants for licensure to personally appear before the board at the time the application is scheduled to be considered.
  • No application shall be considered complete nor acted upon unless the appropriate fee(s), as outlined in NMAC, accompanies the application.
  • The burden of knowing and complying with the requirements necessary for licensure rests entirely on the applicant, however, the board shall provide each applicant with copies of the applicable statutes and rules.
  • Applicants for licensure shall be required to provide borad-satisfactory evidence of completion of a course or other training approved by the board concerning contagious and infectious diseases, with the exception of:
    1. funeral service practitioner applicants who have graduated from an accredited school of funeral service education within five (5) years prior to application; and
    2. funeral service intern applicants who are applying under general supervision, provided that the funeral service intern previously met the requirement of Subsection F of NMAC at the time of application for funeral service intern licensure under direct supervision, and provided that the funeral service intern has actively maintained a license under direct supervision for no more than five (5) years.
  • If the application for licensure is deemed to be incomplete when twelve (12) months has elapsed from the date stamped on the application or document the application and documents will be deemed null and void and any fees paid will be forfeited. Application and documents for licensure submitted to the board will be considered filed as of the date stamped on the application or documents by the board office, which shall be the date received by the board.

Continuing Education

  • Requests for approval of continuing education activities shall be submitted to the board on a form prescribed by the board. No license renewal shall be issued without board action if there exists any question by the board administrator as to the acceptance of a particular continuing education activity. The burden shall be on the licensee to ascertain from the board if a continuing education activity is acceptable, and to provide proof of completion of the continuing education activity for the renewal period.
  • Ten (10) hours of continuing education shall equal one (1) continuing education unit (CEU).
  • Regardless of what part of the year a person becomes licensed, there shall be no reduction or pro-rating of continuing education hours required for the next renewal period; provided, however, that any person who was first licensed during the same renewal period as he or she graduated from an accredited school of funeral service education shall not be required to earn continuing education for the next renewal.
  • Any person who holds more than one license issued by the board may use the same continuing education hours for renewal of both licenses without having to earn separate continuing education hours for each license renewal.

List of Approved Continuing Education Units

2019 Approved CEU Providers
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