Counseling and Therapy Practice Continuing Education

Counseling and Therapy Practice: Requirements and Continuing Education

You must have an active license to practice in the State of New Mexico.

To renew licenses for the next licensure renewal period, all registered and licensed professionals will be required to submit proof of 40 hours of continuing education which must have been acquired from October 1 through September 30. All licensees must obtain twelve (12) continuing education unit (CEU) hours of ethics. All licensees who are providing supervision must obtain nine (9) CEU hours of supervision.

Renewal Notices will go out mid-July. If you have a change of address you must advise the board office in writing or by email. Guidelines for acceptable continuing education courses

  • Approved by certifying groups such as the National Board of Certified Counselors, American Marriage and Family Therapy Regulatory Board , American Art Therapy, Association International Certification Reciprocity Consortium, National Asociation of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council, and National Board of Certified Counselors
  • Approved by other regulatory boards of related mental health or substance abuse fields, including psychiatry, psychology, and social work
  • Sponsored by international, national, regional, or state mental health professional associations including psychiatry, psychology, and social work, or state and federal divisions of substance abuse
  • Publication of professional writings and presenting board-approved educational courses shall be awarded in a manner consistent with Part 16, section shall not exceed 20 hours for a license renewal period
  • Approved by the New Mexico counseling and therapy practice board

Late Renewal Penalty: $100 plus renewal fee for incomplete renewals or renewals postmarked after September 30.

If your license is not renewed within 30 days of the expiration date, October 31, it will automatically expire and you must refrain from practicing.

An additional $100.00 late fee, including renewal fee will be required.

Retirement Status: To place your license on retirement status, you must sign and date in the box provided on your renewal form. Request for retirement must be postmarked on or before your license expires. Retirement status is not to be used for the purpose of not completing your renewal requirements. After five years of retirement status the licensee has the option to place a license on inactive status or reinstate a license. Failure to request inactive status or retirement statues will cause the license to expire.

As stated in Part 3, section 11, a retired license may be restored within five years of being placed on retirement status by notifying the board in writing, providing the board with proof of having completed continuing education during the retirement period, and paying $100 reinstatement fee plus the licensure fee. If a license has been on retirement status for one year or less, the licensee must submit 20 CEU hours. If the license has been on retirement status for two years or more (up to five years) the licensee must complete 40 CEU hours.

Inactive Status: After five years of retirement status the licensee has the option of placing a license on inactive status. A request for inactive status must be submitted in writing or by email.

Inactive status will require a renewal fee of $100 and 10 hours of CEUs. All inactive licenses must be renewed every two years. The board office will send out inactive status renewal notices by mid July of the renewal period.

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