Body Art Practitioners Applications and Forms

Body Art Practitioners: Applications and Forms

Renewal Application is not available. All license renewals must be submitted via the online license renewal system.

Establishment, Event, Mobile & Guest Applications

Establishment Application
Special Event Mobile Body Art Application
Guest Application Form

Permanent Cosmetics Applications

Permanent Cosmetic Application
Permanent Cosmetics Apprentice Application
Permanent Cosmetics Sponser Application
Permanent Cosmetics Apprentice Log
Permanent Cosmetics Sponser Curriculum Outline

Tattoo Artist Applications

Tattoo Artist Application
Tattoo Artist Apprentice Application
Tattoo Artist Sponser Application
Tattoo Artist Apprentice Log
Tattoo Artist Sponser Curriculum Outline

Body Piercing-Scarification Applications

Body Piercing Application
Body Piercing Apprentice Application
Body Piercing Sponser Application
Body Art Log Piercing Apprentice Log
Body Piercing Sponser Curriculum Outline

Other Forms

Data Purchase Agreement
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