Barbers and Cosmetologists Continuing Education

Barbers and Cosmetologists: Continuing Education

Continuing education is required for the renewal of licensed instructors

12 Continuing Education hours are required at renewal period for professional development or improvement of professional proficiency.

Instructor licenses are renewed every March thirty first (March 31). Hours must be obtained between April first and March thirty first (April 1 – March 30) of the following year in order to renew the license.

Continuing education hours do not carry over and must be completed each year.

For initial instructor licenses, the continuing education requirement will not apply until after the first full year of licensure.

Certificate of Completion is required as proof of attendance and must be submitted at renewal

Board approved continuing education providers are as follows:

(1) cosmetology educators of America (CEA) seminars and workshops conducted in any state;
(2) adult continuing education association programs in professional development, education, counseling, instructing or related programs;
(3) continuing education units (CEU’s) recognized by four year institutions in any state in professional development, education, counseling, teaching or related programs
(4) all schools licensed by the New Mexico state board of barbers and cosmetologists
(5) credits recognized for teacher certification in any state according to the following conversion
a. theory (cognitive/lecture): 1 credit hour = 30 clock hours
b. practice/demonstration: 1 credit hour = 45 clock hours.
(6) attendance at accreditation and team training workshops and instructor continuing education programs offered by nationally recognized accrediting agencies
(7) certification of completion of Dale Carnegie professional development and business courses;
(8) the pivot point instructor symposium classes;
(9) educational classes or conferences sponsored by the Aveda institute;
(10) conferences sponsored by the American aesthetics education association;
(11) classes sponsored by Milady/Thomson learning’s career institute;
(12) classes sponsored by Vidal Sassoon; or
(13) local, state, regional, or national industry trade shows with credit not to exceed fifty percent (50%) of the annual requirement for continuing education, or six hours (6); in addition, no more than fifty percent (50%) of the hours scheduled at such a trade show can contribute to the six (6) hour maximum; the licensee must provide verifiable proof of attendance including an agenda of the event, a receipt for payment of attendance, or other such reasonable evidence of attendance;
(14) online faculty and professional development programs.

Courses not approved by the Board
Licensee may also submit, subsequent to their attendance, copies of other programs and seminars that are not approved. The board will consider such programs at the next regularly scheduled meeting and determine if credit is approved or denied. Detailed documentation of the program length and content must be submitted for the board to make a determination. Notification of approval or denial will be sent to the licensee within thirty (30) days after the board meeting

Continuing Education Providers
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