Accountancy CPE Requirements

Accountancy: CPE Requirements

  • Completion of 120 CPE hours in a full 36 month reporting cycle
  • A minimum of 20 CPE hours completed for each reporting year
  • Four (4) ethic hours completed for a full 36 month reporting cycle
  • At least 96 of the 120 CPE hours must be technical hours
  • At least 24 of the 120 CPE hours cannot be sponsored by your firm or employer.
Tips for reporting your CPE
  • Please list the hours in chronological order by completion date
  • 50 minutes = 1 CPE hour
  • Reporting years are calculated based on birth month
  • A reporting year begins with the first day of the month after your birth months and ends with the last day of your birth month
  • Specify is a course is technical or non-technical by placing a T for technical or an NT for non-technical. 
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