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ABC Members

  • C. Jack Emmons, CPA, Chair, Professional Member
  • Patrick P. Stewart, Vice Chair, Public Member
  • Maria Cassimus, CPA, Treasurer, Professional Member
  • Dennis Houstin, CMA, Secretary, Public Member
  • Farley Vener, CPA, CFE, CGMA, Professional Member
  • Vacant, Professional Member
  • Vacant, Public Member
Athletic Commission
  • Joe Chavez, Chairman, Professional Member
  • Vera Bustos, Vice Chair, Public Member
  • Jerome O’ Connel, Commissioner, Public Member
  • Vacant, Professional Member
  • Vacant, Professional Member
Barbers and Cosmetologists
  • Chair, Mary Ann Luevano, Professional Member (School Representative)
  • Vice Chair, Amanda C. Montelongo, Professional Member (Master Barber/ Cosmetologist Instructor)
  • Tammy Ojeda, Professional Member (Cosmetologist)
  • Andrew Madvin, Professional Member (Cosmetologist)
  • Serena Rodriguez, Public Member
  • Jonathan Lee Muniz, Public Member
  • Vacant, Hairstylist
Board of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
  • Selah Chamberlain, DOM, Professional Member, Board Chair
  • Brandon Taylor, DOM, Professional Member, Board Vice Chair
  • Fiquet Hanna Duckworth, DOM, Professional Member
  • Eric Raymond Buckley, DOM, Professional Member
  • Ernest Dole, PharmD, Public Member
    Ray Garcia, Public Member
  • Fred Chambers, Board Administrator


  • Email:
Board of Funeral Services
  • David Houston Professional Member, Chair
  • Ernest E. Martinez Professional Member
  • Ann Swanson Public Member
  • Robert Kent House Disposer
  • Glenn D. Rosenbaum Professional Member
  • Jane Braithwaite Public Member
Board of Optometry
  • Craig Clatanoff, Professional Member, Chair – District I
    Alissa Irons, Professional Member, Vice Chair – District III
    Jane Compton, Professional Member – District I
    Ben Martinez, Public Member – District II
    Debra Boggs, Public Member – District V
    Vacant, Professional Member – District V
Body Art Practitioners
  • Kristina Tafoya, Professional Member (Operator), Chair
  • Shannon Barnes, Public Member, Vice Chair
  • Traci Anne Jones, Public Member
  • Hope S. Dozier, Public Member
  • Vacant, Professional Member
Carnival Ride Insurance Council
  • Paulina Robinson, Executive Director:
  • John Scott Wilson, Crane Services Inc. Chairperson – Albuquerque: Contractor Representative
  • Rhett O. Bryson, Local 953, Vice-Chair- Albuquerque: Union Representative
  • John H. Brown, Bradbury Stamm Construction – Santa Fe: Public Representative
  • Joseph D. Ward, House of Cranes – Los Lunas: Class I Crane Operator
  • Simon L. Peralta Jr, Kiewit New Mexico Company, – Albuquerque: Public Representative
  • Randal Scott Gandy, TWS, Inc. – Lovington: Contractor Representative
  • Peter A. Williams, Mountain States Crane, LLC- Albuquerque: Contractor Representative


  • License Types
    • Crane Operators Safety Program
    • Carnival Ride Insurance Program
Chiropractic Board
  • Dr. Darcy Pope Wyatt Professional Member
  • Dr. Forrest Goforth Professional Member, Vice Chair
  • Dr. Bradley Fackrell Professional Member
  • Dr. Robert O. Perea, Jr. Professional Member
  • Dr. Kathy Fresquez-Chavez Public Member
  • Ms. Telletha Valenski Public Member
Construction Industries Commission
  • Acting Chair Billy Romero, LP Gas Industry
  • Commissioner Vince Alvarado, Organized Labor
  • Commissioner Dale Armstrong, Licensed Mechanical Contractors
  • Commissioner John Stroud, Subcontracting Industry
  • Commissioner Tim Nisly, Public
  • Commissioner Philip Ramirez, Practicing Electrical Contractors
  • Commissioner Pamela Freund, Practicing Architects
  • Commissioner James Borrego, Residential Construction Industry
Counseling and Therapy Practice
  • Bentley Oliver, LPCC (Professional Clinical Mental Health Counselor), Professional Member, Chair
  • Kourtney Vaillancourt, LADAC (Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor), Professional Member, Vice Chair
  • Chrisine L. Ross, LMFT (Marriage and Family Therapist), Professional Member, Secretary
  • Laura Lansrud-Lopez, LPAT (Professional Art Therapist), Professional Member
  • Rafael L. Moya, LPCC (Professional Clinical Mental Health Counselor), Professional Member
  • Jose Villegas, Public Member
  • Marnella L. Kucate-Yepa, Public Member
  • Vacant, Public Member
  • Vacant, Public Member
  • Lori Sciacca, Board Administrator


  • Email:
Dental Board

Dental Board Members


  • Charles Schumacher DDS, Professional Member, Chair
  • David Warren III, Professional Member
  • Burrell Tucker DDS, Professional Member, Secretary
  • Jolynn Galvin DDS, Professional Member
  • Ermelinda Baca RDH, Professional Member
  • Melissa Barbara, RDH, Professional Member
  • Holly Ann Beaumont, Public Member
  • Vacant, Professional Member
  • Vacant, Public Member


Dental Hygienist Committee Members


  • Ermelinda Baca RDH , Professional Member, Chair
  • Melissa Barbara RDH, Professional Member, Vice Chair
  • Paula Jenkins RDH, Professional Member, Secretary
  • Denise Teague-Myrick, RDH, Professional Member
  • Burrell Tucker DDS, Professional Member
  • Jolynn Galvin, DDS, Professional Member
  • Holly Ann Beaumont, Public Member
  • Vacant, Public Member
Home Inspectors
  • Jeff Gorum, Chair, Professional Member
  • C. Earl Greer, Vice-Chair, Real Estate Broker
  • Robyn Wood Millard, Professional Member
  • Eugene Miles Dyson, Professional Member
  • W.A. “Tony” Major, Public Member
Interior Design
  • Margaret Favour, Professional Member, President
  •  Anna Lewis, Professional Member
  • Helen Pacheco, Public Member
  • Vacant, Professional Member
  • Vacant, Public Member
  • Richard Espinoza, Executive Director


  • Board Office: 505.476.4622
Landscape Architects
  • Christopher Green, Chair, Professional Member
  • George Radnovich, Professional Member
  • Rolston St. Hilaire, Ph.D, Public Member
  • Enid Tidwell, Public Member
  • Vacant, Professional Member
  • Vacant, Professional Member
  • Carl Ulibarri: Chair Installer, Pro Home Specialist
  • Gabe Romo: Vice Chair, Xpress Roofing and Construction
  • Marshal Jones: Member, Salesperson, Dealer
  • Scott Christensen: Member, Salesperson, Dealer, Installer
  • Nancy Erickson: Member
  • Chris Starace: Member, Dealer, Karsten Company of NM
Message Therapy
  • Judith Armendariz, Professional Member
  • Richard C. Wiles, Professional Member
  • Star Amber Ridsdale, Professional Member
  • Susan Andrews, Public Member
  • Jennifer Grine, Public Member
NM Real Estate
  • Bill Davis, President
  • Gretchen Koether, Vice President
  • Greg L. Foltz, Secretary
  • Kurstin Johnson, Member
  • Lindsay Rollins, Public Member
Nursing Home Administrators
  • Jolene Greene, Professional Member, Board Chair
  • Carol Esquibel, Professional Member, Vice Chair
  • Paul Reid, Professional Member
  • Stephen Haynes, M.D., Physician Member
  • Sonna Corder, Public Member
  • Vacant, Public Member
  • Vacant, Public Member
Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Craig Klein, Chair, Professional Member
  • Lee Ann Loney, Vice Chair, Professional Member
  • Mary Ann Martinez,  Professional Member
  • Linda Kelly, Public Member
  • Stephanie Woods, Public Member
Occupational Therapy
  • Carla Sue Wilhite, Professional Member
  • Margaret Porte, Professional Member
  • Kelly Lorraine Aragon,  Professional Member
  • Buzz C. Daniel-Troy, Public Member
  • Carmel Martinez, Public Member
Osteopathic Medicine
  • May T. Groening-Wang DO, Professional Member
  • Bradley Scoggins DO, Professional Member
  • Kristin E. Reidy DO, Professional Member
  • John Cruickshank DO, Professional Member
  • Mikal Smoker, PA, Professional Member
  • Diane Vaughn, Public Member
  • Louis David Eres IV, Public Member
  • Chris Woodul, R.Ph., Southwest District, Board Chairman
  • William “Bill Lord, R.Ph., Hospital Representative, Vice Chairman
  • Neal Dungan, R.Ph., Southeast District, Secretary
  • Lewis Dale McCleskey, R.Ph., Central District
  • Michael Garringer, Public Member
  • Teri Rolan, R.Ph., Northwest District
  • Cathleen Wingert, Public Member
  • Gwen Griscom, Public Member
Physical Therapy
  • Robert Pattillo, Professional Member, Board Chair
  • Christina Chavarria, Public Member
  • Bettina Brown, Professional Member
  • Russell W. Lees, Professional Member
  • Luis R. Eres III, Public Member
  • Dr. Janet Simon Professional Member, Chair
  • Dr. Robin Ross Professional Member
  • Dr. Matthew Spiva Professional Member
  • Ms. Marie Sorensen Public Member
  • Mr. Frank Kunc Public Member
Psychologist Examiners
  • Kenneth A. Gilman, Ph.D., Chair, Professional Member
  • Merranda R. Marin, Ph.D., Professional Member
  • Nicole C. Ebberhart Duranceaux, Ph.D., Professional Member
  • David J. Ley, Jr., Ph.D., Professional Member
  • Caroline Blanchard Williams, Ph.D., Professional Member
  • Sandra Seehaver, Public Member
  • Vacant, Public Member
  • Vacant, Public Member
Real Estate Appraisers
  • Dean Zantow, Board Chairman, Professional Member, District III
  • Vacant, Professional Member, District II
  • Dr. James Libbin, Public Member, District IV
  • Christopher J. Vigil, Professional Member, District II
  • Ricardo Armijo, Lender Member, District IV
  • Charles Trego, Professional Member, District IV
  • Paul Jurkowski, Public Member, District III
Respiratory Care
  • Lee K. Brown, MD Physician Member, Chair


    Gina Buldra, RRT, RCP Professional Member, Vice Chair


    Vacant Professional Member


    Vacant Public Member


    Vacant Public Member

Signed Language Interpreting
  • Mark Apodaca Consumer Member, Chair  
  • Kristina Gullett Professional Member, Vice Chair  
  • Michelle Gray Professional Member  
  • Sally Schwartz Professional Member  
  • Kimberly Erwin Public Member  
  • Vacant Consumer Member  
  • Vacant Public Member
Social Work
  • Sandra Turner, LCSW, Professional Member – Chair
  • Roxroy Reid, LCSW, Professional Member – Vice Chair
  • Vacant, Public Member
  • Vacant, Public Member
  • Vacant, Public Member
  • Vacant, Professional Member
  • Vacant, Professional Member
Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensing Practices
  • Lisa Pulsipher, Dispensing Audiologist, Chair
  • Michael Kaplan, Speech-Language Pathologist, Vice Chair
  • Richard Cram, Dispensing Audiologist,
  • Linde Schuster, Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Richard Earnest, Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Alicia Ellen Roberts, Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Wesley Miller, Hearing Aid Dispenser
  • Donald Thurn, Public Member
  • Richard H. Meyer, Public Member
  • Vacant, Otolaryngologist
  • Vacant, Public Member
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